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The Song of Achilles Modern!AU: Achilles & Patroclus + dashing on Instagram.

Part 1, Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5.

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fancast: Sharlto Copley as old King Henry VII

"In the chill damp of the new year [1408], unable to move, he dispatched Daubeney to attend Elizabeth’s memorial service at Westminster Abbey, and to make the customary offerings (…).
For many, Henry seemed a name only, a cipher for the activities of his agents. Rarely visible, he seemed not to want to be seen. For people who caught a glimpse of him, hollow-cheeked, blue eyes burning fiercely, he seemed more dead than alive. Illness seemed to provoke even further his fierce obsession with control: in between fits of choking and arthritic pain, with his army of physicians on hand, he continued to pursue his subjects with an intensity even more savage than before, almost as if he was afraid that he might lose people’s loyalty. In the midst of all this, he tipped lavishly –as he had always done– small acts of service and kindness, such as the twenty shillings given to the sergeant-at-arms who brought a bottle of mead for his ravaged throat.”

The Winter King - The Dawn of Tudor England, by Thomas Penn

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Borgia Modern!AU: Borgia siblings + dashing on Instagram.

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4.

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Léa Seydoux by Bruno Ripoche, March 2012

Léa Seydoux by Bruno Ripoche, March 2012

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Borgia season 3 

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The Musketeers Modern!AU:  
  LET’S BE HONEST HERE: WE HAVEN’T BEEN THIS SHOCKED SINCE THAT TIME ELENA CHOSE DAMON OVER STEFAN. Fine, it might be the clichést of it all, the bodyguard and the pretty damsel in distress. BUT what if we tell you  they dirty went down… in a convent? You read that right, folk: we are so stunned we can barely talk about it, but we’ll make an effort for the sake of gossip and give you the full story (PLUS  a peek THE KISS itself), with our heartily thanks to France for never disappointing our thirst for scandal.   
Part 21 of the MODERN!AUs series. Requested by edwardslovelyelizabeth.

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The White Queen Modern!AU: Richard + dashing on Instagram. Requested by annetheseamaiden.  

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3.

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Elizabeth died on February 11, 1503 on her 37th birthday, trying to give her husband another son [but gave birth to a short lived daughter]. Henry VII would never truly recover from his wife’s death. While the entire nation grieved the loss of their Queen, Henry ordered his council to prepare the Queen’s funeral and went into seclusion. Her “departing was as heavy and dolorous as to the King’s Highness as hath been seen or heard of”. “Solemn dirges and Masses of requiems” were heard, Henry ordered 636 masses to be offered for her soul in London alone on the day after her death —her State Funeral was one of the most lavish ever seen. He ordered clothing in blue and black, blue being the royal colour of mourning, and even had his books bound in blue velvet.
It would be more than a year before the King’s grief would begin to subside ; shortly after her death he became seriously ill and was close to death, his mother fled to his side to nurse him herself. He emerged from his illness a changed man.
The Tower of London, where Elizabeth had died giving birth, was abandoned as a royal residence. He considered other marriages [with realms of Spain or Italy], but never did remarry. It might be overly-romantic to think his heart never mended, but Henry VII honoured his wife every year until his own death. Every February 11th a requiem mass would be sung, the bells would be tolled and 100 candles would burn in her honour. Henry retained the services of Elizabeth’s minstrels, who played for him at every New Year celebration up to his death.

                                   — Elizabeth of York and her Kings, Olga Hughes (2013)

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Open requests:

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